Cone Beam CT in Houston, TX

Cone Beam CT in Houston, TX

A cone beam CT is an advanced imaging machine that provides a 3D view of the entire mouth area, the upper and lower jaws, the sinuses, the nasal cavity, and the bone near the tooth roots. At A+ Dental Specialists, this X-ray machine allows our dentist to see what is going on in your mouth in 3D instead of 2D, which is the case with other X-rays or CT scans.

The images generated by a cone beam CT scan are more detailed than other types of scans, which helps our dentist diagnose problems more accurately. For example, a cracked tooth may be more challenging to analyze using a regular X-ray but is easily recognized using a 3D scan. Information from the scan can be used to plan surgery or other procedures, such as dental implants. 

The Advantages of Cone Beam CTs

A cone beam CT scan is a diagnostic X-ray that utilizes cone-shaped radiation beams rather than traditional flat X-rays to obtain images of the entire mouth and teeth, including the roots and jawbone. This allows for a full view of the teeth and jaw, which can be beneficial when preparing for oral surgery and dental implants.

Cone beam CT scans provide more information and detail than traditional digital or panoramic X-rays. These more detailed images allow dentists to develop treatment plans more effectively and precisely. The scans can also be used to measure the amount of bone remaining after tooth extractions, which is essential when planning for the placement of dental implants. Additionally, the 3D images can be used to help plan orthodontic treatment.

The scan is pain-free and easy to perform, as the patient stands still while the machine rotates around their head. No awkward positioning or special instructions are required. The scan isn’t invasive and takes only a few minutes to complete. 

The scan produces detailed and accurate images that the dentist can view on a computer monitor, allowing patients to understand their treatment plan fully. The images can be saved digitally so patients can review them with their family dentist or specialists anytime. Cone beam CT scans also allow our dentist to educate you on your condition and treatment progress.

Are Cone Beam CT Scans Safe?

Yes, cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) scans are very safe. They are designed to protect the patients from radiation by using a minimal amount and limiting the time they are exposed to it. Additionally, the scans are fast and virtually painless, making them an excellent option for patients of all ages.

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